You would have heard the radio ads, television ads or simply noticed on Facebook or the internet that law firms often entice you to contact them by saying “Get what you are entitled to.”  Well that’s not all you should be concerned about.  It’s more about how you get from where you are now to […]


A novel way to divorce  – an article from news.com.au – An excerpt ”  Welcome to the DivorceHotel — well, technically, the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa — where you can check in as a married couple on Friday and check out divorced by Sunday.  The entire package costs $5,000, and includes separate accommodations for two […]


Simply put, collaboratively trained family lawyers are not adversarial lawyers. The ultimate goal of a surrogacy arrangement is for a child to be born that is loved in an open based relationship, taking into account the needs and aspirations of both the birth mother and the intended parents.  Collaboratively trained lawyers work together with all of the […]

Mediation Blue Marker

Going to Court is costly and without doubt one of the most demoralising and stressful events you will encounter. There is an alternative, in fact more than one alternative but in general they all come under the heading of dispute resolution (also known as alternative dispute resolution and if under the Family Law Act 1975 […]