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Going to Court is costly and without doubt one of the most demoralising and stressful events you will encounter. There is an alternative, in fact more than one alternative but in general they all come under the heading of dispute resolution (also known as alternative dispute resolution and if under the Family Law Act 1975 […]


The article : “Progress Of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms In TurkeyTurkey: Progress Of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms In Turkey” shows how dispute resolution, particularly mediation is internationally recognised as being a swift, lower cost way of resolving disputes. The statistic mentioned “According to the statistics, 228 disputes out of 233 have been concluded with settlement, […]

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It is more often the case that where lawyers are involved in family law mediations with their clients that there is an expectation that the mediation will continue for a number of hours, in some cases many hours, until agreement is reached or it is clear that the mediation has not resulted in agreement. In […]