Common Sense Divorce through Family Mediation

It makes sense doesn’t it –

limit the possibility of unnecessary family court litigation! You may both have similar thoughts about how your divorce should proceed and the outcomes both with respect to children and property issues or you may be poles apart.


Randal can help you (because he is an experienced and accredited family law specialist) to find out:

  • what the Family Law Act says about how arrangements for children should be resolved. Learn about family mediation as an alternative to family court litigation;
  • what the Family Law Act says about determining how property should be divided between couples;
  • Act says about determining how property should be divided between couples; how child support is calculated under the Child Support Act and what you can do privately; and
  • most importantly how to work towards resolution of all those issues.

Randal can speak with you by telephone, online video conferencing and of course in person at our office. You must remember that Randal will provide the above information but he will not give you advice about what you are “entitled” to.  You will be able to (and you will be encouraged) to obtain your own independent legal advice to the extent that you decide is necessary.  You should also remember that the only way to find out what you are “entitled” to under the Family Law Act will be by having a Judge hear your case at trial and for the judgment to be handed down.  Legal advisers can only give a range of outcomes as it is not possible to be precise in property matters or for that matter the outcome in a trial about parenting issues.

Get the information you need from an impartial family law mediator. You decide how to move forward to resolve your family law issues. This may be by:

  • continuation of mediation with Randal who is both a nationally accredited mediator mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner and a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist;
  • entry into a Collaborative Law process where Randal will advance matters by acting as the collaborative lawyer for one of you and will put your partner in contact with an experienced collaborative family lawyer; and
  • referral by Randal to other experienced family lawyers for other processes such as "round table negotiation" or if necessary litigation if mediation or collaborative law are not suitable because of your particular circumstances; and
  • when it is appropriate to mediate Randal can be reengaged to help you resolve those matters remaining.

Even if you both retain lawyers to act on your behalf Randal can remain in the process, acting as an impartial guide ensuring that you have the best possible outcomes without proceeding to litigation. Of course you would both need to agree to keep the mediator involved.

You really have nothing to lose by separating using the “Common Sense Divorce” approach that Randal offers through family mediation and family dispute resolution.


Randal Binnie

Professional Mediator/Notary Public/Family Lawyer

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