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ACC_SPEC_logoRandal Binnie, a Brisbane based Nationally Accredited Mediator and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, and a trained Parenting Coordinator and Pre-mediation coach.

Brisbane Family Mediations can be arranged in Brisbane City and surrounds as well as at the Springwood office of Family Lawyers & Mediation Services.  Contact Randal for more details.

With almost 30 years of family mediation experience Randal will help parties to resolve family parenting and property settlement issues in a cost effective and timely manner whilst protecting the parties from the destructive nature of litigation in the Family Courts.

Don’t let your client’s issues get out of hand, Mediate & Resolve family law issues in a timely manner. Contact Randal now to arrange a mediation of either parenting and/or property issues or arrange for an invitation to be sent to the other parent in a parenting matter.

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    Randal Binnie
    Nationally Accredited Mediator
    Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
    Parenting Coordinator

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    Family Lawyers & Mediation Services
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Randal Binnie

Professional Family Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer

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