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Randal Binnie is an accredited family law specialist of nearly 25 years experience as well as being one of Brisbane’s most experienced mediators.

Randal can give you advice and act for you in all manner of family law issues if mediation is not viable.  Even if mediation is not possible Randal will use his best endeavours to settle your matter without going to Court.  Very vew matters require a judicial decision and even where proceedings have been commenced very few get to a trial stage.  In or out of court, the vast majority of family law matters are resolved through dispute resolution methods.

If you are wanting an honest appraisal of your matter and a discussion about the options available for settlement then a discussion with an accredited family law specialist and nationally accredited mediator is exactly the advisor you need to engage.  Randal has often said:  “See a mediator first”.

Advice and representation can be arranged in the following family law areas.  Unfortunately Randal does not undertake Legal Aid family law work although he does undertake mediations for Legal Aid Queensland.

Parenting arrangements (specialising in mediating outcomes)

Property settlements (also specialising in mediating outcomes and collaborative law processes)

Consent Orders regarding children and property settlement

Financial Agrements under the Family Law Act either before entering a relationship (prenup as commonly called), during or after a relationship or       marriage ends

Collaborative Law processes in general (an experienced/trained collaborative lawyer)

Advice on child support matters

Advice on all family law related matters


Randal Binnie

Professional Mediator/Notary Public/Family Lawyer

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