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Refer your client directly or contact me to arrange a family mediation to resolve your client’s property and parenting issues.  Family dispute resolution (parenting) invitations are sent promptly, usually thes same day, and mediation can be arranged subject to availability of the parties and lawyers within two weeks.


Family Dispute Resolution Invitations are promptly issued.


Details of parties and children & presence of DV are required or

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Select a date and time and you will be prompted to fill out a form of information to complete.


Select a date and time and you will be prompted to fill out a form of information to complete.

Professional Family Mediation Service delivery

– flexible, approachable – mediation and family dispute resolution.

Conflict Resolution through Mediation

Mediation resolves conflict

Assist your client in resolving their particular matter in a more conciliatory and cost effective manner either during litigation, or hopefully before litigation is even commenced.

Randal has been a solicitor in Queensland since 1992 and has been mediating family disputes and other matters ever since.  Mediation services offered to solicitors in Queensland are flexible and cost effective.  Not only can the mediator’s services be engaged to conduct a mediation on a set day, either for a half or full day, but the mediation process can be conducted over several different days, in person, in a shuttle format, by telephone or online video conferencing.

Family Mediation services are affordable and accessible anywhere in Queensland.  If you are in a remote area why not mediate online or by telephone with a solicitor family mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.

In Parenting matters:

  • Contact Randal to issue an invitation to mediate parenting matters as early as possible when parenting arrangements are in dispute. It is not necessary to provide a list of mediators for the other party or lawyer to choose. An unnessary selection process will cause delay which often ends in an increase in tension and sometimes leads to domestic violence issues/orders arising out of the frustration of having unresolved parenting arrangements.

  • An Invitation to attend family dispute resolution will issue promptly upon request (full details of the parties and the children will be required together with any information about the presence or allegations of family violence);

  • Mediation can be arranged to take place, often within 14 days or sooner if urgent, at venues suitable for the parties (at the parties cost).

In Family Law Property Settlement Matters:

  • Involve a mediator early in the process. Suggest to the other lawyer (or the self represented litigant) that an initial short meeting with the mediator to have the parties address disclosure and valuation issues will save both time, stress (yours and your clients‘), and expense. Why shouldn’t those issues be dispensed with as quickly as possible rather than taking weeks or sometimes months in correspondence between the parties solicitors. That process would involve the mediator facilitating communication between both the parties and their respective solicitors, reaching agreement on and appointing valuers, accountants or other necessary professionals.

  • Timing of mediation is crucial in some cases. Don’t try to mediate until you have valuations or at least firm agreed values and that adequate disclosure has been provided. (Consider the early involvement of mediation to accomplish both.)

  • Educate your client about mediation - Do they know the difference between facilitative and evaluative mediation processes and arbitration? What dispute resolution process might best suit them. Do they want to achieve their own outcomes with the assistance of both the mediator and yourself?

Family Mediation Fees


There’s no need for you to have to be in the same room to have a mediation – read on.

Online Family Dispute Resolution/Mediation (often referred to as ODR – Online Dispute Resolution or Distance Mediation) can be just as effective as being in the same room, or the preferred alternative to face to face mediation, particularly when family violence issues exist, where parties reside in different locations, or other reasons resulting in an inability of the parties to meet face to face.

Online Family Mediation is not new and is practiced in many countries, including Australia.  Particular skill is required to be an effective online mediator, both technically and practically.  Randal Binnie regularly conducts telephone mediation and has experience in online mediation processes.  Online mediation is more convenient for all parties making it unnecessary to travel and be otherwise inconvenienced.

If you are not in Brisbane you can still engage an experienced family dispute resolution practitioner (family mediator) to help you resolve the issues you face.

The fees for telephone and online for parenting matters are at a reduced rate.  Please see the Schedule of Fees for a full explanation of the fees involved.

The 3 Steps Of Online Family Mediation







Online Video and/or Audio based family mediation can still lead to resolution of disputes.

Online video conferencing (via Skype or other online video conferencing programs) add a another dimension to telephone based family mediation.  It allows the parties and the family mediator to interact with each other and to be aware of the emotions being displayed.  Communication is the key in family mediation, listening, speaking and acknowledging  each other.

Face to face family mediation is the most effective method of engaging in mediation but it is sometimes not practicable or advisable.

Online and telephone family mediation processes further demonstrate the flexibility of the family mediation process which can be as flexible as the parties and the mediator wish to make it.  Compare that to litigation where you are told what to do and when to do it, at great cost!  Gain control of your own future and mediate before you even think about court proceedings.

Why telephone and online video conferencing/family mediation is effective.

In family separations quite often there is a lack of trust involved which arises due to the circumstances of the separation. There are also other reasons why someone might not feel comfortable participating in a conventional face to face family mediation such as:

* Where there has been family violence during the relationship or since separation;

* Where domestic violence orders have been made by the court and the parties are unable to communicate effectively;

* Where a party may feel unsafe if exposed to the other party;

* Where the parties or one of the parties are unable to negotiate and doubt if they could stand up for themselves or their children needs during negotiations;

Other reasons why distance mediation and family dispute resolution is a practical and useful process includes where the parties are:

  • just separated by distance;
  • where each of the parties and their legal representatives are at different locations making a face to face or mediation in the same building impossible.

The traditional face to face method of family mediation has its advantages but also inherent disadvantages when you consider the above circumstances in which distance family mediation is a better option.

First if you are able to communicate with the other party, discuss the process, refer them to  – if all parties have agreed to mediation a time and date will be arranged.  If a party is to be invited then start with a mediation information session and click on the Book online appointment link below.  If an invitation is issued to the other party and is accepted, the arrangements are put into place to enable the mediation to take place as quickly as possible, usually within a week or two.

For Family Mediation – Video Conferencing you will need

  • Desktop computer, laptop or a tablet

  • good broadband connection

  • a microphone

  • a webcam


Randal Binnie, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

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Randal Binnie, a leading Brisbane Family Mediator, is a partner at:

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Randal Binnie, a leading Brisbane Family Mediator, is a partner at:

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