Mediation Service areas

Please consider ADR methods prior to commencing any court proceedings.  We are available at our Springwood office and by appointment at our Helensvale office where we also have mediation facilities for the convenience of mediation participants and their solicitors from the Gold Coast.

Please visit the Service Areas pages (family law, general disputes,business disputes and Will & Estate disputes) for a short introduction about how how the process of mediation can help you.

The reasons to aspire to Dispute Resolution (referred to usually as ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution) rather than litigation are many but include:

  • ADR outcomes are created by the parties themselves.
  • Agreements created by the parties are more likely to continue in the long term.
  • ADR processes tend to preserve relationships rather than destroy them.
  • ADR participants learn how to negotiate and understand each others issues - thereby building bridges.
  • There are usually significant costs savings.

Randal Binnie

Professional Mediator/Notary Public/Family Lawyer

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