The Philosophy of Randal Binnie Professional Brisbane Lawyer Mediator

Randal Binnie is an experienced mediator and lawyer, but above all else is committed to providing alternatives to litigation through effective dispute resolution methods.  If you are looking for a mediator who is also an accredited family law specialist with years of mediation and family dispute resolution experience, is a passionate believer in dispute resolution processes and their value to individuals and our communities, then you do not need to look further.  As an accredited family law specialist lawyer and mediator Randal is able to provide  information and guidance of a legal nature and about court processes which can assist parties in a mediation process.  Non lawyer mediators do not have that advantage.  However, mediators do not give legal advice or their opinion about whether a precise outcome might be achieved in court.


The Federal Government has legislated to prevent application being made to the Family Courts in relation to children’s issues (with some exceptions such as family violence and abuse of children) unless the parties have first attempted to resolve their differences through family dispute resolution (mediation).  This is clearly an acknowledgement of the benefit of mediation in family law matters and how it can resolve matters without involving tax payer funded courts.  There has been recent information from several sources indicating that there legislation is likely to be introduced making property settlement issues also compulsory before litigation is commenced.

Over more than 25 years Randal has experienced the outcomes of litigation in the family law jurisdiction, more than enough to have appreciated the fruitless, destructive outcomes that litigation brings.  Any conflict between people and/or organisations can be resolved through mediation or collaborative practices if all concerned are determined enough to resolve their differences for the benefit of themselves, their children or their business/organisation.

  • Mediation and collaborative outcomes are the product of the input of the parties themselves. They create their own solutions and/or reach solutions with the assistance of the Mediator resulting in enduring agreements;
  • Mediation and collaborative law preserve relationships, it does not destroy them as in the case of court processes; and
  • Mediation and collaborative law participants learn to negotiate and understand the issues and this understanding can extend into the future, building bridges rather than destroying them.

Randal Binnie

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