Online Property Settlement Process

There are discounted fees for mediations conducted online.

Property Settlement

How to resolve Property Settlement with ONLINE MEDIATION with Randal Binnie

My experience over many years of engaging telephone and video (ODR – online dispute resolution) and the recent experience of Covid 19 which has introduced online platforms for all maner of business have convinced me that the usual method of property settlement can be done differently and effectively.

You can resolve your client’s property settlement through a completely online mediaton process with all information and communication taking place without needing to leave the office.

I utilise an online information gathering system to obtain all necessary financial information and documents necessary to allow both parties lawyers to provide me with all of the information needed to conduct the mediation.

I always (when possible) conduct intake sessions with the parties prior to mediation to give them an introduction to myself and to the mediaiton process.  Intake sessions in my opinion are the key to the parties entering into and understanding the process.  Just as iimportantly, to put them at ease about the nature of mediation and to prepare them to make the decisions they will need to make in mediation.

All parties can then meet online (Zoom, or other platforms) and work towards resolution of the distribution of assets and other issues following separation.

The Process Steps

  1. Book an online mediation at the BOOKING PAGE for either a half or full day. During the process you will be prompted to indicate the method of mediation.
  2. If mediation is agreed to proceed, mediation agreements are signed electronically and fees paid by electronic transfer.
  3.  Intake sessions by Zoom/telephone or other online process with each of the parties.
  4. Information is gathered from the parties lawyers by completion of an online information gathering process.
  5. Once information is gathered mediation sessions can be commenced as agreed.
  6. Upon finalisation the outcome can be documented by a heads of agreement document or by consent orders or a financial agreement.

Resolution may be achieved within weeks rather than months or years through litigation/court processes.  Flexible to suit your needs with meetings being conducted for a half or full day or even for a number varying from a number of meetings of say two hours or more or over a single day.

Benefits of Resolving Property Issues Online

  • Information is gathered remotely, limiting stress and time spent.  The process is secure.
  • Lawyers provide all the information I will need to conduct the mediation via an online link I will send once engaged
  • The asset pool will be created by me from the information entered by both lawyers
  • The asset will be shared online, showing the participants the outcomes of proposals made
  • The mediation can be conducted in separate rooms or in the same room
  • The lawyers and the parties are in the office of their lawyer giving the lawyer access to all of the staff and facilities of their own office
  • Both parties will be able to see the impact of the proposals they put forward in conference with the mediator and lawyers
  • Any agreement can be signed remotely