Lessen the cost and stress of resolving financial property issues after separation.

logo_familylawMediation of property settlement matters is suited to online processes given that the parties may have no parenting or other issues to resolve.  Other reasons may be because of family violence issues, the inability of the parties to negotiate between themselves because of imbalance of power or the involvement of lawyers on behalf of one party and not the other.

The process at Mediate Resolve with Randal Binnie is set out on our webpage PROPERTY MEDIATIONS .

Of course if preferred, face to face mediations may take place utilising the same technology displaying the agreed asset pool making it easy to understand the outcomes of the proposals put forward by both parties.

Online property settlement mediations utilise Zoom and other technology to ensure the process is undertaken with less stress, certainly less cost (ask your lawyer how much court proceedings or lawyer assisted mediation will cost) and a better understanding of outcomes

The mediation will be set after the first meeting and will depend upon the complexity of the the assets involved.  The process is flexible as the parties wish to make it with the guidance of the mediator over the process.  The outcomes and decisions made are those of the parties, not the mediator.