Parenting coordinators are neutral professionally trained practitioners who work with parents who are often engaged in conflict following their separation.  Parenting coordinators act in a non-confidential and reportable way to implement parenting orders made by a court or fulfil previously agreed-upon parenting plan which may have been formed through mediation or other processes.

Parenting coordinators can alleviate the negative effects of on-going conlfict, prevent or reduce further litigation.  The process is not arbitration, in other words decisions are not made by the PC outside of orders already made by a Court or an agreement reached between parents.  A PC may have a proactive or a reactive approach, in other words preventing conflict and disagreement or educating about how to avoid conflict and disagreement.  The PC also has a mediation role and helping parties to resolve issues.

Our partner Randal Binnie,  has attended a recognised course and can assist parents avoid conflict and therefore benefit the children ensuring that the children are not the subject of ongoing conflict between the parents. A Parenting Coordinator works with both parents to promote conflict resolution, assist with making co-parenting and education decisions, and develop strategies to ensure optimal outcomes for children after family separation. Parenting coordination costs are shared equally between the parents and your coordinator is available at to help resolve child-related disputes that may arise between separated parents from time to time.


  • By supporting the parents and focusing on children’s needs and interests

  • By helping parents in post-separation have effective communications strategies, resolve conflict and manage tension and anger.

  • By focusing on reducing children’s’ exposure to parental conflict

  • helping the children move between households in a stress free way

  • reducing the children’s exposure to conflict

  • Assist parents transition from being ex-partners to co-parents.

  • Comply with court orders and parenting plans.

  • Mediating any on-going post court and post mediation disagreements and conflict.

  • Assist parents in building lasting strategy to meet custody and event commitments.

In short helping parents help themselves and more importantly help their children transition from being in a family that has separated to a family that whilst separated can work together in everyone’s best interests.

Randal’s goal, in his role as a parenting coordinator, is to keep parents out of court or from returning to court by helping them manage their parenting plan or court order, educate and guide coparenting and cooperation, and resolve conflicts as they arise.  Whilst the process may be court ordered  a parenting coordinator a parenting coordinator can be engaged to assist with helping parenting agreement or orders work to the advantage of the children.

If parties are in a court process or are considering entering into court orders about parenting arrangements you might engaging a parenting coordinator or ask the court to makean order.  If you need or a party you act for needs more information contact Randal and he would be happy to provide a further explanation.